360 Cameras with a Night-Mode / Low-Light Setting?

What 360 camera do you use to shoot in low-light conditions?

Is there a 360 camera with low-light settings (my iPhone produces good results on this setting, for example)? Or is there a good lighting setup you use?

Tripod mounted lighting tube that look a little something like this seem to be the solution:

The one featured in the video above costs around $600 and is designed for a Pro2.

I haven’t seen anything for action cams. Maybe a DIY effort with LED’s wrapped around a tripod could work?

Theta Z1 is probably the best camera for low light. You can further improve the image using Topaz Denoise.

@chelseabrian Topaz Denoise? Do you have any before/after samples?

This is a photo taken using Z1 and Dual-Fisheye Plugin HDR-DNG 9 setting. Second image is denoised. Maybe not the best example but I don’t have low light images handy.

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