Category Topics

Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the Trek View forum. Here you can introduce yourself and connect with other street-level image mappers. Our community is full of helpful and smart people that have a lot to share. Enjoy!

Share Your Photos

Share what you’ve been shooting recently. From breathtaking panoramic tours of mountain passes to lazy strolls along your local river.

Cameras and Setups

Discuss hardware, setups, and general advice for street-level image mappers. Got a question about a camera? You’re in the right place.

Publishing Platforms, Workflows and Tools

Discuss publishing tools and publishing platforms for street-level imagery. Share your workflows with the community and help them out.

Community Chat

Connect with fellow street-level image mappers in the community. Share your events, challenges, or initiatives here.

Trek View Software Support

If you need help with our software, want to learn about our imagery, or are keen to find out more about our work, you can ask your questions directly to the Trek View team here.

Trek View Announcements

Announcements from the Trek View team about what we’re working on.

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